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Serie aAfter the sale of David White and Niall Quinn's cruciate ligament tear, City's previous strike duo was no longer available and they had only scored six goals in the eleven games before Rösler's arrival. The team, peppered with numerous national players (Andreas Hilfiker, Abderrahim Ouakili, Saša Ćirić, Artim Shaqiri, Sergej Kiriakow, Marco Walker, Ivan Kozák, Jan Suchopárek), played in the first half of the season under coach Winfried Schäfer and with Rösler as team captain for the targeted Bundesliga promotion, However, the team collapsed completely in the second half of the season and lost nine of the last ten games. For the club he scored nine goals in ten appearances in the remainder of the 2002 season. In his wife's home country, Rösler found a new commitment with the Norwegian first division club Lillestrøm SK in mid-2002. Rösler, who was left without a club, then moved back to England to first division club FC Southampton, but was unable to assert himself there, also due to a serious groin injury, and failed to score a goal in 20 league appearances (14 of which came as a substitute) in his first season. In the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Cup, in 1980, the club achieved a success that was unprecedented in Spanish football history: in the final at the Bernabéu Stadium at home, Real Madrid and its second team, Real Madrid Castilla, playing in the second division, faced each other, the previous four had thrown first division teams out of the tournament.

Serie a In German-speaking countries, the synonyms "Real" or "Die Königlichen" are often used for Real Madrid, although neither one nor the other is common in the club's home country. Template:Navigation bar Clubs of the Ukrainian Ice Hockey League · Template:Navigation bar Team captains of the Buffalo Sabers · In his first Bundesliga season, Rösler was used in 33 of 38 championship games, but was only in the starting line-up in 24 of them. In the second half of the NOFV Oberliga, Rösler was used in all 13 league games for Dynamo, scoring another three goals. In the championship, Magdeburg recovered after initial weaknesses and was at the top of the table almost throughout the second half of the season. With the same line-up as the previous year, BVB defeated Hamburger SV 4-1 in the 1957 German championship final; the team had previously secured their sixth Western championship to date. Rösler became the first German to wear a City jersey since the legendary goalkeeper Bert Trautmann. Rösler made his debut in the game against Kuwait alongside his Magdeburg strike partner Markus Wuckel, who scored both goals in the 2-1 win. A contract was concluded with the company until 2014, which included the licensed team as well as the U23 team and all youth and women's teams. In the following weeks, the upswing initially failed to materialize, only when Paul Walsh and Peter Beagrie, who were newly signed alongside Rösler, made their home debut together on the 36th matchday, did the liberation come about: the 3-0 win against Aston Villa, in which Rösler, Beagrie and Walsh each scored, two more wins followed on the next two matchdays.

Real Madrid FC Rösler played his last game in Man City's uniform as a substitute on April 17, 1998 in a 0-1 defeat against Middlesbrough, and a few match days later City was relegated from the second highest English league. On the 25th. In March 1989, the 20-year-old made his debut for the Elbe city team in a 1-0 defeat in Zwickau. On March 23, 1991, the team lost the opening game of the division, then called the World League of American Football, against the London Monarchs 11:24. After a two-year break, the league resumed play in 1995, so that American football games were played in Frankfurt again. The left winger had long since made a name for himself throughout Germany and was one of the most hotly sought after players during the 1990 summer break. By the last day of the season at the latest, when he equalized against Sheffield Wednesday and thus secured relegation and the fans sang his name to the tune of Go West after the final whistle, Rösler had become a crowd favorite. If they are not sufficiently integrated into the team by the coach or if they try to show off at times, they lose their qualities and become more of a disruptive factor for the team than a decisive trump card for the game. Coach Roberto Mancini made the goal clear in his first conversation with Milner, saying he should prepare to win the Premier League.

This became a historic result, as no German club had ever won all group games in the Champions League before. Due to financial irregularities at the main sponsor Göttingen Group, the DFB refused the club a second division license in the summer of 2000. With the appointment of Alan Ball as the new coach, difficult times began for both Rösler and the club in the summer of 1995. They had been in the bottom of the table all season, and as the threat of relegation became more real for Man City towards the end of the season, Ball preferred the Georgian Mikheil Kavelashvili Rösler as a center forward for the derby against Manchester United. Rösler's frustration with this decision resulted in a goal celebration, which earned him further sympathy points from the City fans: When he scored after coming on as a substitute to make it 2-2 against his rival in the 3-2 defeat, he pointed the finger ball and shouted aggressively in its direction. In the following season, 1989/90, Rösler and Wuckel shone as a powerful striker, which led to the Magdeburgers becoming autumn champions ahead of the reigning champions Dynamo Dresden. Rösler also initially played for 1. FCM in the 1990/91 season.

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