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KGaA introduced. This company was Hannover 96 Sales & Service GmbH & Co, founded on July 8, 1998. The Liverpool Woman's Service Bureau presented the cruiser with a Union Jack and a British naval flag, while the city administration presented the crew with “three pairs of candlesticks, a silver cup and two Bugles". In September 1951, the Liverpool, as Admiral John Edelsten's flagship, was the first post-war British warship to visit Yugoslavia and was inspected in the city of Split by Marshal Josip Broz Tito. During Operation MA.5, which followed MA.3 in July, Admiral Cunningham received reports of a large formation of Italian warships on July 8th, whereupon he changed course towards Taranto to intercept them. The conditions that the Allied ships faced during the convoys proved to be extreme: icy weather, snowstorms and frequent attacks by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. On July 9th, psg kit 23/24 the fleets met off Calabria and the first major battle between the Allied and Italian naval forces in the Mediterranean occurred. Later in July, the Liverpool accompanied convoy AN.2 from Egypt on its way to Greek ports in the Aegean and the southbound convoy AS.2 from the Aegean. Although repairs at Rosyth were completed in July 1943, the Liverpool was not assigned a sufficient crew until the end of 1945.

After the Olympic Games, they looked for someone to be responsible for the disappointment and blamed Reich coach Otto Nerz for the defeat against Norway, although it was DFB President Felix Linnemann who had called for the regular players to be rested in this game. FC Bern used an unauthorized player in a Serie A Central group game against FC Basel and thus suffered a subsequent defeat. After the international break, the team took on SC Paderborn 07 against a supposed opponent to overcome the 4-0 defeat in Munich. The newcomer and bottom of the table really led the reigning runners-up over long stretches and was able to take a 3-0 lead at the half in the Westfalenstadion. Schalke will soon be considered for the national team again; In September, Kuzorra, Szepan – for the only time together – and Tibulski played for the DFB against Denmark in Hanover. The TTR values ​​of all active participants are updated daily. The Liverpool, which was now only traveling at 4 knots (7.4 km/h), had to be towed by the destroyer Antelope. In April, the Liverpool became the flagship of Rear Admiral Arthur Murray's Red Sea Force. Liverpool assigned to the East Indies Station under the command of Captain Arthur Duncan Read. Before leaving for India, the Liverpool spent two months preparing for deployment in the Mediterranean, where, among other things, she had engine defects repaired.

However, since the following games were more successful, the team, after a temporary fourth place, finished seventh with 26 points at the end of the first half of the season and also had the most successful striker in the league during the winter break in Theofanis Gekas (14 goals this season). After Mata was mostly only second choice at Chelsea in the first half of the 2013/14 season under new coach José Mourinho, he moved to league rivals Manchester United on January 25, 2014. Before deployment, the cruiser visited the port of its namesake in January 1939. During this time, the Liverpool was involved in a diplomatic incident when she sailed on the 21st. The Japanese passenger ship Asama Maru was arrested in January 1940. In October 1946, Liverpool's visit to Greece was interrupted by the Corfu Canal incident, in which the destroyers Saumarez and Volage were sunk. In October 1945, Liverpool returned to service and joined the 15th Cruiser Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet, where she served primarily as a flagship. The crew of the Liverpool had already received a silver bell and silver plate that had originally belonged to their predecessor.

The crew of the Sunderland did not give a course, but it was assumed that the Italian ships were heading for Kythera. The crew of the Liverpool began lowering the lifeboats while other warships arrived on the scene. In mid-May, the Liverpool joined a group of warships that were supposed to escort the Trinidad on her return voyage to Great Britain. In November she left for Great Britain to have an improved radar system installed. The Liverpool underwent makeshift repairs in Gibraltar and returned to Great Britain in August. The Liverpool and Neptune returned fire at 3:22 p.m. after the Italian cruisers began a barrage of fire from 14 miles (22 km) away. The Town class, a response to the American Brooklyn class and Japanese Mogami class light cruisers, consisted of three variants with a total of 10 ships. The ship's presence was not announced until September, when the United States Department of the Navy published a list of twelve ships that were in various ports.