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Serie aWhen the Scottish Football Association introduced the "Scottish Premier Division" as the new top English league with only ten teams for the 1975/76 season, Ayr United was able to qualify for this new league by finishing seventh, which was considered surprising because the The team – in contrast to the championship competitors – was still made up of several “part-time professionals”. Ayr United also found it difficult to gain a foothold in the third division and the coach Campbell Money, who was only hired in 2002, left the club in 2004 after he had previously refused to sign a part-time contract. The 2004 European Championship ended for the Équipe Tricolore in the quarter-finals, where they lost 1-0 to eventual tournament winners Greece. Needing to win the game to stay in the league, Ayr United trailed 1-0 at half-time, missed a penalty early in the second half and only fifteen more minutes of play remained.

Serie a Ally MacLeod initially worked as a player-coach at Ayr United before finally taking up the position of head coach in 1966. Clemence retired as a footballer in October 1987 and joined the coaching staff at Tottenham Hotspur. He steadily worked his way up to the first team before becoming coach of Barnet FC in January 1994 – initially together with Gary Phillips until August – and later on his own. In the 1980/81 season, Werder Bremen's first second division season, they achieved direct promotion again under Kuno Klötzer and Otto Rehhagel despite a slump in spectator numbers. The 2006/07 season started promisingly with an opening win over eventual promoted Stirling Albion and Ayr United aimed for a place among the top four teams early on. However, the club gradually slipped further and further down the table and at times only occupied eighth – and therefore third from last – place. In terms of sport, some calm returned in the 2005/06 season under the new coach Robert Connor and the team mostly played in the midfield of the third division. In 1935, Ayr United was at the center of a bribery scandal when Robert Orr, the then coach of Falkirk FC, threatened United player Robert Russell with losing his job in Falkirk if he played in the two teams' relegation duel.

Liverpool gegen Newcastle This series of poor results led to the resignation of Connor and his assistant Robert Reilly on February 26, 2007. Neil Watt, a former FC Stranraer coach, was appointed as his successor on March 22, 2007, who immediately signed two new players and relied on players from his former club for further squad restructuring. In the semi-finals of the League Cup, they also defied the big favorites Celtic Glasgow, who seemed overwhelming at the time and had won the European Cup two years earlier, to draw 3-3 at Hampden Park before losing 2-1 in the replay. In addition to the already legendary competition between Celtic and the Rangers – called the Old Firm – Aberdeen founded the New Firm with Dundee United and thus seriously challenged the traditional dominance from Glasgow, with Aberdeen being the much more successful team in the New Firm. In addition to the semi-final defeat against Celtic, inter milan jersey the club lost 4-0 in its final appearance in a major Scottish cup competition against Rangers – a little too clearly in the opinion of experts. The victory in the League Cup semi-final against Hibs is also considered one of Ayr United's best sporting results in recent years and indirectly led to the replacement of Franck Sauzée as coach of Hibernian Edinburgh.

Celta Vigo gegen Real Madrid In 1973, Ayr United reached the Scottish Cup semi-finals for the first time, losing 2-0 to Rangers. The 1969/70 season began with two spectacular home wins, as a 3-0 win against Hibernian Edinburgh was followed by a much celebrated 2-1 win against Rangers. The club remained in the top flight for two more years, then was relegated to the second division, now called "Division One", rangers 23 24 kit in 1978 and would not return to the Scottish elite league to this day. August winter is no more… In 2008/09 Ayr managed to qualify for the First Division in the promotion round. After strong protests and a lengthy discussion with his linesman, he finally changed his verdict and Ayr United won the game 2-1. This was in particular a consequence of simplified rules for changing clubs, since professionals from the European Union have been able to operate abroad without restrictions since the Bosman ruling in 1995 at the latest, thus "Europeanizing" the individual teams.